SEO Tools

When one deals with the subject of SEO and online researched a little about search engine optimization, he will quickly see that there are a whole range of available SEO tools on the market. In addition to some paid SEO tools that are advertised for several months, also, there are and small business websites and web projects with manageable free SEO tools.

All available on the market SEO tools provide a variety of metrics for search engine optimization of a website. The operative part of SEO, a SEO tool do not accept. Here is one experience, knowledge and a reliable gut feeling when it comes to getting through onsite and offsite optimization measures on Google, Bing and so on. SEO tools generally provide data to your own website and your website or business environment. For example:

  • See the number of sources and own backlinks
  • Analyse and compare competitors
  • Develop backlink sources
  • Age, reputation, see link value of backlink sources
  • Monitor their own ranking

When paid SEO tools usually, a product covers most functions. This gives meaningful and concise reporting and analysis, and has the ability to monitor the effectiveness of their own SEO measures by mouse click. Anyone free SEO tools is must assume that must be used for the identification of relevant key several search engine optimization tools. Here it usually comes at the same numbers as it is much more comfortable, over paid SEO tools, but it will save you several hundred to a thousand euros per year.

Recommended SEO Tools for webmasters and companies

Investing solutions for the success of a website must be weighed primarily on economic aspects.When it comes to deliver to customers as a reliable SEO agency analyses and reports, the use of paid SEO tools makes sense. Larger companies with online marketing budgets and web projects with hundreds or thousands of keywords are dependent on paid SEO tools to effectively, efficiently and structured to get relevant indicators.

Paid and Free SEO Tools

Just the evaluation of threshold keywords is only possible with difficulty, for example, with free SEO tools, while all paid SEO tools provide this report with one click.

The most important players paid SEO tools currently include:

  • Sistrix
  • Search Metrics
  • Xovi

For small business without a budget:

  • SEO for Firefox
  • SeoQuake
  • Google Webmaster Tools