SEO: Link building

Link building is the most effective online marketing tool to increase your rankings on Google. When it comes optimally increase the visibility of a website for selected keywords, you cannot get to the collecting backlinks. It would be better if you learn to recognize the differences in quality of backlinks and to apply this knowledge in targeted link building.

Install Firefox

Firefox free SEO tools and plug-ins are available for Mozilla Firefox. If you do not use Firefox browser on your computer, you simply install it.

Install SeoQuake

SeoQuake is a free addon for Firefox. By installing SeoQuake you get access to all relevant indicators SEO a website. To enable the installation of SeoToolbar click the icon and select the SeoQuakeSeoToolbar from Checked. By clicking with the left mouse button on the Firefox icon on the right bottom of the window, the tool is activated and deactivated. With activated SeoQuakeSEO Tool, you can now see the Pagerank, age, number of incoming links to a website and much more SEO relevant metrics and data.

Check in SeoQuake best option equal to the line-trough “nofollow” and “noindex”. This “worthless” Backlinks are crossed on websites. An additional useful feature provides the display of SEO key figures in the search results of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In this case, simply click again bottom right of the browser window, the icon and select the desired search engines. This way you can evaluate each competitor a web page at a glance.

Backlinks and their value

If you collect backlinks for your website, they should also leave the link juice of the linked website to your page. This is only possible if it is in the back link to a so-called “dofollow” link. Make sure that you avoid links from sites from the PPP sector (PPP Pills, porn, poker).

Quality over quantity

A backlink from a site that has a few outbound links is stronger than a backlink in an extensive link list. The number of outgoing links should be according to age and PageRank of page. With an increasing number of outbound links, the link juice is passed to the custom page further reduced. The age and PageRank of a domain also play a role when it comes to calculating the value of backlinks. The older the domain, the more trust (trust), this domain for Google.