In the hands of good SEOoptimize the display in the search results is a powerful tool. Often the optimization tests focus exclusively on the optimization of keywords that are similar to important optimization of the CTR. It cost optimization potentials can be tapped straight from the click-through rate with creativity and good observation of the search results. This is reinforced when the improved CTR then reacts and leads to an improvement of the search result items. In the snippets of four areas can roughly be optimized:

HTML title

The title is still one of the most powerful on-page factors. He probably has a direct impact on keyword-search result positions. The art here lies in the balancing of two requirements: first, the title should be short enough. Secondly, however, it should be long enough to accommodate plenty of relevant keywords. It is comparatively easily, if a page is optimized on a single keyword.

HTML Meta description

A good Meta description now bears a decisive role in confidence in the search results. Anyone who thinks on his quest to find the right answer can use it. However, when a snippet is so boring that it is not visually perceived, even the best description cannot help. Google supports this by the searched keywords, which are highlighted in bold in the snippet.


A well-chosen URL can increase confidence in a search result further.An enormous SEO optimization potential lies hidden here!


The environment of the snippets is a rarely used as an optimization option. Google search results are reinforced with additional information.

Win customers with Google Places

You already have your website optimized for search engines. If so, wonderful! If you have not had time for it, you know whom to ask. In addition to your site but there are still a lot of other ways you can be found by your potential customers on the Internet better. An easy possibility is an optimized business listing in Google Places, the “Business Directory” of the most popular search engine.

Link building is the most effective online marketing tool to increase your rankings on Google. When it comes optimally increase the visibility of a website for selected keywords, you cannot get to the collecting backlinks. It would be better if you learn to recognize the differences in quality of backlinks and to apply this knowledge in targeted link building.

Install Firefox

Firefox free SEO tools and plug-ins are available for Mozilla Firefox. If you do not use Firefox browser on your computer, you simply install it.

Install SeoQuake

SeoQuake is a free addon for Firefox. By installing SeoQuake you get access to all relevant indicators SEO a website. To enable the installation of SeoToolbar click the icon and select the SeoQuakeSeoToolbar from Checked. By clicking with the left mouse button on the Firefox icon on the right bottom of the window, the tool is activated and deactivated. With activated SeoQuakeSEO Tool, you can now see the Pagerank, age, number of incoming links to a website and much more SEO relevant metrics and data.

Check in SeoQuake best option equal to the line-trough “nofollow” and “noindex”. This “worthless” Backlinks are crossed on websites. An additional useful feature provides the display of SEO key figures in the search results of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In this case, simply click again bottom right of the browser window, the icon and select the desired search engines. This way you can evaluate each competitor a web page at a glance.

Backlinks and their value

If you collect backlinks for your website, they should also leave the link juice of the linked website to your page. This is only possible if it is in the back link to a so-called “dofollow” link. Make sure that you avoid links from sites from the PPP sector (PPP Pills, porn, poker).

Quality over quantity

A backlink from a site that has a few outbound links is stronger than a backlink in an extensive link list. The number of outgoing links should be according to age and PageRank of page. With an increasing number of outbound links, the link juice is passed to the custom page further reduced. The age and PageRank of a domain also play a role when it comes to calculating the value of backlinks. The older the domain, the more trust (trust), this domain for Google.

When one deals with the subject of SEO and online researched a little about search engine optimization, he will quickly see that there are a whole range of available SEO tools on the market. In addition to some paid SEO tools that are advertised for several months, also, there are and small business websites and web projects with manageable free SEO tools.

All available on the market SEO tools provide a variety of metrics for search engine optimization of a website. The operative part of SEO, a SEO tool do not accept. Here is one experience, knowledge and a reliable gut feeling when it comes to getting through onsite and offsite optimization measures on Google, Bing and so on. SEO tools generally provide data to your own website and your website or business environment. For example:

  • See the number of sources and own backlinks
  • Analyse and compare competitors
  • Develop backlink sources
  • Age, reputation, see link value of backlink sources
  • Monitor their own ranking

When paid SEO tools usually, a product covers most functions. This gives meaningful and concise reporting and analysis, and has the ability to monitor the effectiveness of their own SEO measures by mouse click. Anyone free SEO tools is must assume that must be used for the identification of relevant key several search engine optimization tools. Here it usually comes at the same numbers as it is much more comfortable, over paid SEO tools, but it will save you several hundred to a thousand euros per year.

Recommended SEO Tools for webmasters and companies

Investing solutions for the success of a website must be weighed primarily on economic aspects.When it comes to deliver to customers as a reliable SEO agency analyses and reports, the use of paid SEO tools makes sense. Larger companies with online marketing budgets and web projects with hundreds or thousands of keywords are dependent on paid SEO tools to effectively, efficiently and structured to get relevant indicators.

Paid and Free SEO Tools

Just the evaluation of threshold keywords is only possible with difficulty, for example, with free SEO tools, while all paid SEO tools provide this report with one click.

The most important players paid SEO tools currently include:

  • Sistrix
  • Search Metrics
  • Xovi

For small business without a budget:

  • SEO for Firefox
  • SeoQuake
  • Google Webmaster Tools